COVID-19 Policy


We are grateful for the flexibility you have shown and will continue to show as we adjust to the changing needs of managing this pandemic safely and responsibly.

Attending a face-to-face session at Ocean Psychology requires that all clients adhere to the current Australian Public Health policy to:

  • Maintain social distancing (1.5 metres)
  • Take all precautions to avoid the spread of illness, including regular hand washing.

Face-to-Face appointments are offered on the following conditional basis:


Please request a Telehealth appointment and DO NOT attend the practice in person if you are experiencing:

If you have any doubt about your symptoms request a Telehealth Session* and stay home. If you arrive with any of these symptoms, you will be asked to leave and you may be charged for your appointment. You will be offered the option of proceeding with a Telehealth session from your vehicle. If you opt for a cancellation rather than Telehealth, a cancellation fee may apply if less than 24 hours’ notice has been provided. Please refer to your Psychologist regarding cancellation policy.

*Medicare rebates will be applied to your Telehealth session where applicable.

All psychologists working at Ocean Psychology will adhere to the above. Therefore, your psychologist may need to, with very short notice, move your appointment to Telehealth in the event of a cold or flu or family disruption. If this occurs, you will be contacted as soon as possible. Every effort will be made to give you as much notice of this, but this may unfortunately need to be a last- minute change. A cancellation fee will not apply if the session is cancelled by the therapist.


If you have travelled either overseas or interstate, even if you have had an exemption for work purposes, we ask that you do not attend the Centre for 14 days after your return. Your appointment can be held via Telehealth. Medicare rebates will be applied to your Telehealth session where applicable.


Waiting Room

Therapy Room

Paying for therapy

Further steps being taken to prevent the spread of germs


If within 14 days of attending therapy you begin to display symptoms of COVID-19, test positive or are contacted by the Australian Government track and trace service, you are required to inform your Psychologist as soon as possible.  If your Psychologist displays symptoms, they will provide your details to track and trace as well as contacting you directly.

Psychologists at Ocean Psychology reserve the right to move swiftly back to Telehealth-only sessions in the event of a need for another regional or national lockdown.